Canvas Art Painting
Canvas Pictures: Choosing the Right Photo for Your Canvas

The right images for your printed canvas pictures are often recommended by many companies that offer canvas printing services. In which case, photographs taken from quality digital cameras are ideal to use. This is because the quality of the picture, taken from a high-resolution camera, is maintained when stretched out.

Photos with 150 pixels per inch (PPI) will look blurry when blown up to large print sizes. For non-digital pictures or photographs taken decades ago, they need to be edited by professionals. Photo editing is necessary for old photos so that they can be used for canvas printing without any problems.

A crisp photo under a good light, and with less digital noise, is considered to be a great photo for canvas printing. Photos taken from digital cameras with 8-megapixels or higher should have enough PPI needed for quality prints.

On the other hand, photos that are out of focus normally produce undesirable canvas prints. In fact, photos with very low quality can and will get rejected by your canvas printer.

Whatever type of room you are planning to hang your canvas art, however, the amount of wall space you have is often a big factor. In addition, the existing design, wall décor, and colour scheme of your room should be taken into account as well. A stretched canvas with images that don’t blend well with your room’s interior design will certainly look out of place, no matter where you put it.

The main challenge here is to find photographs that contain sentimental value but good enough to print as canvas pictures.