Canvas Art Painting
The Two Types of Giclee Art Prints

There are two types of giclee art prints available today. The first one is on paper, while the other on canvas. Prints made on paper are considered to be of the finest reproduction of any photo, picture, or art piece. This type of giclee print emphasizes more on the art’s image quality than anything else.

On the other hand, prints made on canvas are great if you want to have a reproduction that looks and feels like the original oil painting. In fact, some professional canvas printers even offer an extra touch of oil paint on the key areas of the printed version. The process makes it harder for viewers to distinguish a giclee print on canvas from the actual painting.

The term “Giclee” is actually a French word, which means to spray out. This refers to how the way ink is applied on canvas or paper through the use of inkjet printers. The fine dots made by these printers are so close together that the space between each dot is virtually undetectable, even under high magnification.

In addition, giclee printers don’t use desktop printer inks for canvas or paper printing. Instead, specialized light-fast inks are used in order to control the quality and durability of the ink against high heat and humidity.

The kind of material used for both paper and canvas printing can vary. Prints on paper generally use any type. Professional printers use specific ones, however, depending on their client’s specifications.

In regards to canvas, it is often made from cotton, but there are companies that use polyester canvas since it’s cheaper. In any case, canvas giclee art prints are the preferred type for large scale operations.